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Monday, September 20, 2010

Grandia III Soundtracks

I've always love to play RPG games and of course RPG such as Square Enix's Final Fantasy series and Kingdom Heart series in the previous post were my all time favourites. Grandia III wasn't really an outstanding and impressive PS2 game however its intro together with the soundtracks were really good that I can't refrain myself from watching the intro again and again.

The intro of Grandia III started interestingly with a young boy (whose name is Schmidt) built his own manually operated airplane in order to reach the sky but eventually he failed. Without giving up his hope and ambition, he continued his journey in order to become a world class pilot and he did it. All the glorious moments of grown up Schimidt were all seen by young Yuki through the video tapes and Yuki aimed to become a great pilot like Schmidt. So here's the intro video clip thats been uploaded in YouTube.

The songs of Grandia III are mostly said to be very ear soothing. Most important of all, I think Noriyuki Iwarade did a good job in composing the theme of Grandia III. Similar to Yoko Shimomura, Noriyuki Iwarade is one of the popular music composer for tons of games. His style of music is slightly different from that of Yoko where Yoko's music tends to sound new age and mystical where as Noriyuki's music is more catchie and happy.

DOWNLOAD & LISTEN TO GRANDIA III SOUNDTRACK: Apparently there are two versions of the theme song. This is the one that is heard from the intro video clip and its title is Legendary Pilot King. As for the second version, which is also the completed album version is called Theme of Grandia III.

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