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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kingdom Hearts Dearly Beloved By Yoko Shimomura

'Dearly Beloved' is a lovely soundtrack taken from the popular PlayStation 2 role playing game 'Kingdom Hearts'. The song started with a series of simple tuned piano melody playing repeatedly and somehow when I listened to it, for its beauty, innocence and pure emotion, this song always reflect all the joyful memory throughout my whole life.

The instrumental music 'Dearly Beloved' is composed and written by Yoko Shimomura and apparently there are two versions that she produced. The first version was used in the title page of Kingdom Hearts game as well as a few parts of the game. This version is the version that makes me and my brother got so hooked on Kingdom Hearts game. The second version is my very favourite of all time and I don't even know this version existed. It is composed in the orchestral version, playing along with the strings, woodwinds and trombones.

In case there are people who don't know what Kingdom Hearts is: Kingdom Hearts is popular RPG game developed by Square Enix (previously known as Square Soft). What makes it special is that it is a collaboration between Square Enix and Disney. Therefore you can find many characters from both Square Enix and Disney such as Cloud Strife and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, as well as Mickey and Donald from Disney.

Kingdom Hearts is truly a great game to play. Although I didn't allow myself to touch this game initially (because I knew I'm definitely gonna get addicted to it if I do), however simply watching my little brother playing on it everyday somehow made me hooked to it indirectly. Maybe instead of me telling the whole story, why not spend some time reading the storyline here?

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