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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gackt & J-Rock

I never was a fan of Gackt (ガクト, pronounce as ga-ku-to) until I listened to this particular song of his: Returner. This song has a really good intro especially when the traditional flute blends together with the heavy metal background, it some how attracts me to continue listen to this song.

This is the one of the live concert of Gackt's Returner. This concert really gave me a big shock as I see Gackt and the whole band crews dressed up in the form of samurai, playing their gothicly-decorated instruments. What an amazing view when I see the audience (soldiers) shouted and responded to Gackt's song. Its like Gackt was the captain of the troops and he was giving his battle cry to the soldiers.

Looking at the lyrics presented in the video clip, I feel that the lyrics are rather painful and depressing. Its like about the feeling of a woman waiting upon return of her samurai husband but it seems that her husband didn't turned out.

Well, this particular song of Gackt is a must to listen, at least this is what I'm thinking. It might not suit your taste but there's no harm listen to it right?