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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Amaranth By Nightwish

This is a cool song performed by Nightwish, with the title "Amaranth" which means 'imaginary flower that never fades'. The song started off with a soft soothing piano intro before the drums and metal guitars bang in.

In the music video of Amaranth, two boys found a fallen angel lying by the river-side and both of them brought her back to the village. (Of course you would if you see an angel aren't you?)

The ending of the music video is kinda confusing and I wasn't sure what is happening: The two boys placed the angel in their house but other villagers were totally against upon their arrival. In the end, the villagers dragged the two boys out of the house and burnt the angel to death. So sad...

"Wounded Angel by Hugo Simberg"

From my further research, I found the whole idea of Amaranth music video came from Hugo Simberg's painting 'Wounded Angel'.

My thought: I think the angel symbolizes eternity in the song. Perhaps the song is talking about how some people welcome the idea of eternity and some seek to destroy it when it doesn't conform to their expectations.


  1. Baptised with a perfect name. The doubting one by heart. Alone without himself.. War between him and the day... love it. Ima fan of goth-rock too. Not so much now but more back in the days

  2. At least you loved it once ;p

  3. Relevant to "I think the angel symbolizes eternity in the song.", the word comes from the Greek amarantos the "one that does not wither," or the never-fading.

  4. I see so that what it means.